Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Blues

It seems like everyone around me has a bad case of the Winter blues. I'm home sick, my boyfriend is devastated by the Bears lose and Pinkie, my pooch, refuses to go outside. With Christmas and New Year's both behind us, there isn't much left to look forward to this winter except for my dreaded 26th Birthday and the coming of spring. Technically, spring is a mere fifty-five days away, yet looking out my window I find that very hard to believe - there is not a glistening of energizing sunlight to be had.  But behold the power of paint... a bold, blue color palette gives designer Todd Romano’s pocket-size Manhattan studio big presence. Blue is contemplative, meditative and depending on the shade can be energizing (deep blues) or relaxing (pale blues). I hope these beautiful blue images make your week a little brighter.

Table for two: A 1960's French game table offers a modest dining surface.

A Jean Cocteau watercolor leans against the window.
Works by Josef Albers pop against the midnight-blue walls.
A Victor Vasarely print and a gilt hand sculpture by Pedro Friedeberg greet visitors in the entrance hall.

(images via Architectural Digest)

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