Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh, to be Iris

It's official, when I grow up I want to be like Iris Apfel.  Fashion icon, decorator, cofounder of Old World Weavers, "geriatric starlet" (her words), this 89-year-old woman injects her personal style with a distinct point of view and makes the effort look, well, effortless.  A true original, her Park Avenue apartment, featured in the June issue of Architectural Digest, is filled with objects as colorful, eclectic and exuberant as the accessories she wears.  Everywhere there are exquisite French chairs, books, monkeys and much, much more – all unique and acquired over time.  Can't you just image the stories that go along with her treasures?  It's inspiring beyond belief.
Images: Roger Davies for Architectural Digest, scanned and edited by moi


  1. Wou! 89 and still that glamorous? I'm speechless! XoXo

  2. She is amazing! I love her sense of style and her fearlessness. The mix of colours she comes up with is always bold.

    Oksana from