Monday, October 24, 2011

Design Hunter | Antiques + Modernism Winnetka

I'm so happy I ventured north this Saturday to check out the Winnetka Antiques + Modernism Show!  I always love going to local antique shows and stores and seeing what's available – it's a great way to learn about different periods of design and art. The show had an extensive inventory of beautiful objects ranging from the 17th century to the mid 20th century.  It was the perfect mix of traditional and modern. 

I sent my client in Maine a snapshot of the trellis table pictured above.  I'm hoping she likes it as much as I do – the worn finish reminds me of old lobster crates.  Below are a few more of my favorite find... 
I have a soft spot to simple contour figure drawings.
Deluxe NY had an amazing collection of vintage Chanel jewelry and unique 20th century accessories....I pretty much wanted everything!
Tortoise shells and American industrial tools at Thistle.
Lee's Antiques always has great Italian, French and American vintage and antique pieces.  The lantern, sconce and yellow folding screne all caught my eye. 
If this vintage gilt wheat sheaf sconce had a matching mate...they would have come home with me! 
I bought this set of vintage candlesticks from Arch. Vintage.  Anyone care to share a good resource for taper candles – I need petite black ones? 

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  1. Hi! There's a store called Stats that sells small, short taper candles in black. There are only a few of these stores so not sure you have one around you. The closest to me is in Seal Beach, California. Also, Restoration Hardware has some black wax-dipped flameless candles. They're very nice and on the shorter side: