Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mad About Hue | Yellow, Green + Turquoise

What sounds like a completely awful color palette is really quite nice, don't you think?  I'm working on a project right now that has required me to think outside my sometimes boring color box.  My client's one request?  Design a room around Anthropologie's buttery yellow Atelier Chesterfield sofa.  Yup.  A big, expensive, yellow sofa. 

My first instinct?  Go neutral. You know, grey, black, white, yellow (à la Jenna Lyons).  But the more I thought about it the more I realized that yellow compliments many other colors quite nicely.  Above are four rooms that I keep referring back to for color inspiration.  Which on is your favorite?

(Images: Robert Passal, Nate Berkus, Vogue)


  1. I love yellow and olive green together (indeed its in both my living room and my bedroom!) in combo with all the neutrals (grey/black/white) but a dash of red always seems to go great with the combination as well.

    I never thought of using turquoise with these colours though! What fabulous images and inspiration - my favourite is the last image.

  2. Together with all the neutrals (gray/black/ white), I like purple and olive greens (it is indeed in both my living room, and my bedroom!), but the red shot always seems to be fantastic with the mixture. Yellow Home Design is also my best choose for my own home.

    However, I never believed in using these colors turquoise! What a wonderful picture and inspiration-the last picture is my favorite.