Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Sorry for the wave of silence, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed this week and haven't had time to sit down and put together a thoughtful post. I promise to get back in the swing of things asap.

Until then, I thought I would share this gorgeous ottoman that caught my eye while reading the current issue of Martha Stewart.  As for the title of this post, super creative, I know, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about this piece since I tore it out of my mom's magazine this past weekend.  It's probably due to the fact that all I want to do right now is curl up on my couch and watch TV and I think adding an ottoman to a living room instantly makes the space feel cozy. And when it comes to cozy, bigger is better.  I'm guessing this baby could support at least 10 pairs of tired feet. Sounds great, right?  Well it's a  look that can easily be replicated using a thrift store coffee table, some foam and one of the thousands of vintage suzanis available on ebay.  So what do you think....boho chic, or attack of the giant ottoman?


  1. BOHO PERFECTION. This one is so so beautiful - the neutral tones are perfect and the giant size makes it super homey... I wonder how hard it would be to do a DIY version?

  2. i absolutely love that table! i want it!


  3. I'm a fan of the table too. I love the designs on it. true creativity.