Monday, November 28, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

I spruced up the apartment with beautiful peonies in preparation for my boyfriend's visit
I wanted the apartment to feel warm and inviting because it was his first time home since he moved to DC last month
isn't he a hunk?
we decorated our Christmas tree
went to see Francine Turk's BADASS exhibit at Gallery KH and it was, well, badass (I'm so sad I missed the opening party...Thanks for the invite, Francine!)
had lunch with my family at RL
and went "shopping" in my grandparent's living room

It was an amazing weekend!  How was yours?


  1. What a lovely blog and a beautiful living room!:)

  2. I love that little table you have.

    Your boyfriend is definitely a cutie ;)

  3. Aw looks like a perfect weekend. Your place looks absolutely gorgeous. And WHERE did you find peonies at this time of year??

  4. Um you and your boyfriend are adorable! Your apartment looks amazing and SO warm!

  5. I really like your style - great items in your lounge. I have just moved into a new apartment and I am in the middle of decorating my lounge, literally posted about it the other day!

    Would be interested to see more pics of your apartment.

  6. The bf is a total hunk. How do I get my bf to wear gingham like that? Total losing battle.

    Your home is so beautiful too! Love that sofa.

  7. My goodness that image of the flowers on the gilt table is amazing....Virginia xx