Wednesday, April 11, 2012

James Nares for Less?

And speaking of inspiration...I can't help but wonder if  Mark Elverson, 2010 Massachusetts College of Art graduate, looked to James Nares' iconic oil paintings for inspiration when creating his Smoke series. The fluid movement of these colorful photographs bear a striking resemblance to Nares' large-scale paintings but lucky for us, they're a fraction of the price!  You can find the photographs pictured above and many more inspiring student works at UGallery, an online gallery that "provides art enthusiasts access to affordable original artwork while offering young trained artists a platform to launch their careers." I searched through the site last night and so far Mark's work is my favorite but who knows, any one of the artists could turn out to be the next Picasso so be sure to let me know if you find any other great pieces!

(Images 1/2/3/4)