Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why Don't You...

... get the lacquered look to less by installing Phillip Jeffries' lacquered vinyl wallcovering.  The glossy, almost liquid-like sheen is supremely glamorous and is such a wonderful counterpoint to wood, fabric and other natural elements. I've long been a fan of lacquered furniture and accessories so why not take this love of lacquer one step further?  Lacquer the walls.  Sure, a true lacquer finish on your walls is labor-intensive and expensive but the look can be approximated with high gloss paint or better yet, with Phillip Jeffries' Lacquered wallcovering. Designer Robert Southern used the durable vinyl to create the illusion of a glazed wall finish in the show stopping entry pictured above. High gloss or lacquered walls are particularly appealing in darker, more intense colors, like this gorgeous Eyeliner black, which is striking against the white chairs.  The wall cover isn't just for walls, the Liquid Gold or Creme de Lustre would look great on a ceiling! 

(Image House Beautiful )


  1. So different. Those chairs are to die for.

  2. I love your blog!
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