Thursday, August 9, 2012

Question | Neon in the Home

This neutral room feels very now thanks to an incredible oversize, neon green chandelier. It's striking, sure, but in one year will it just be a trendy, expensive mistake?  Will the now feel dated? Neon is everywhere these days so the looming question on my mind: How much do you love it and do you see it being a long term relationship?  I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

(Image Ital Design)


  1. I love it. But DEFINITELY wouldn't make that bit of an investment in it. I'll stick to accent pieces.

  2. I love a mostly neutral room with a bold neon color like this!! I wonder how much that chandelier costs...xoxo

  3. I like neons for accents and artwork. I don't think that I would use neon with such a grand piece, but it is a grand space. All the attention goes to that chandelier, though, and I prefer to spread the interest around the room.

  4. I like the neon chandelier. Normally I'd say it's too trendy but it works in this massive space and I think if you tempered it with lots of neutrals it could be timeless. Reminds me of the lavender chandeliers Kelly Wearstler used in this month's issue of Elle Decor.