Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smitten | Collected By

Lighting and chairs are two things I just can't seem to get enough of so when I spotted the Collected by Jason Koharik lamp series I had serious heart palpitations.  American made lighting with a vintage feel? Yes please!

"The Collected lamp series is inspired by the beautiful sweeping lines and modeled forms of the Art Nouveau period and early French Modernists. The series represents a "New Nouveau". Each lamp is a one of a kind sculpture made with a variety of materials (often reclaimed) that show age and marks from its maker. Each is hand crafted in effort to create a unique and nostalgic piece that can settle comfortably in a modern environment."

The angular arms and slightly curved shades have a very Serge Mouille feel to them, which I love and lord knows I have affinity for just about anything brass. The green chandelier is my absolute favorite but I honestly would hang any one of these beautiful sculptures in my home.  You can read more about Jason's inspiration and design process here, and if your interesting in purchasing a piece hop on over to Lawson Fenning.


  1. I love those lights as well! Almost bought the sconces when we came really close to purchasing a home earlier this year. Maybe if this next place goes through I will need to pull the trigger.

  2. Those lamps are amazing. I've never seen a style like that. I love how they look like thick rolls of paper.

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