Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Smitten | Vintage Vanity Accessories

I was cleaning out my makeup drawer yesterday and I got to thinking that my bathroom could seriously use a little spruce up.  I started looking through some of the pictures on my Bathrooms pinterest board and realized that a lot of the bathrooms I like have vintage vanity accessories on display.  I'm a sucker for an unexpected, opulent moment and sterling and cut crystal vanity jars that were once used for powder and perfume or brightly colored opaline jewelry boxes add the perfect amount of vintage charm to a modern bath or bedroom.  I also love the idea of putting daily vitamins and other medications in vintage apothecary jars and displaying them on the counter - I figure if they're out in the open I'll be more likely to take my daily vitamins daily! Corral everything on a beautiful tray to avoid clutter and maybe add a little piece of coral and you'll have the chicest bathroom around!

So, do tell, what's on your bathroom counter?

images T Magazine / Nate Berkus / Good Things for Life


  1. Ha, what isn't on my bathroom counter? I love the entire feel of the bathroom in the sixth photo down...such a great space :)

  2. What a pretty post. I love the idea of displaying your vitamins in chic bottles, pretty like candy, but don't...try to resist that one. Turns out vitamins do not do well in light or humidity.

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  5. It might look better if filled with other colors!
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