Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why Don't You...

Why don't you hang a few panels of fabric behind your bed to add interest and height to your bedroom walls?  My friend Liz and I were recently discussing how she's having a hard time deciding what to hang over her bed. There are a medley of options available from mirrors to artwork and sculptures to nothing at all but finding the perfect piece for that awkward space can be tricky when you're on a budget because the scale has to be just right - that's why I love this option!  It's a simple and elegant way to soften the walls and is a great option is you don't have a headboard. You could easily whip up a few reversible panels for under $100 then flip them over depending on your mood or the season.

So, do tell, what's hanging above your bed?  Still on the hunt?

Image Antony Todd's Manhattan Apartment 


  1. there is nothing above our bed..but we used to have some similar panels a few years ago...unfortunately they wern't as cute as the ones above! love it.

  2. we have absolutely nothing hanging above our bed...I'm working on it though. Those panels really make that room!! xo

  3. Hey Kristin,

    Urrrm nothing above mine either lol great idea though, thank you. I've been looking for some inspiration.

    Congratulations for following your dream.

    Keep up the great work xx

  4. Hi Kristin,

    Urrrm nothing above acquire either hahah good plan however, thank you. I am searching for a few ideas.

    Congrats for following on from the fantasy.Billig WOW GoldGold For RS