Monday, September 13, 2010

The Perfect Sofa

First major purchase for my new apartment - a sofa!  I know exactly what I want: English arms with turned legs on casters aka George Sherlock's Two-Seater.

I love the classic lines of this style. It's comfortable yet tailored and works perfectly with both traditional + modern pieces. Case in point:

Unfortunately this sofa comes at a price far beyond my means.  With that said, the hunt for an alternative began.  A few google searches later I found exactly what I was looking for: Lee Industries Apartment Sofa
A pretty close match, don't you think?  I already own a chair by Lee Industries and so far I am pleased as punch.  As far as construction goes, they use 8-way, hand-tied steel coil springs, which are traditionally viewed as the best, and the frame is made from kiln-dried hardwoods with double-doweled joints.  All the handwork involved in producing upholstery of this quality inevitably adds up to a higher end price tag but do not fret my friends - according to this Garden Web forum you can get a steep discount by ordering from Alan Furgeson in North Carolina. 

Images: 1. Jenna Lyon's George Sherlock Two-Seater Sofa, 2. Unknown


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