Friday, November 12, 2010

Jane + Kate

When it comes to interior design I think the easiest way to find your personal style is to dress your home like you dress yourself - down to the smallest details.  For fashion and interiors I love the idea of relaxed luxury.  My style is layered and livable with a mix of classic, vintage, and modern elements - much like this outfit worn by Teen Vogue Editor, Jane Keltner De Valle.  Jane's tailored Gryphon Vintage Schoolboy Blazer and golden yellow skirt have a vintage vibe that immediately made me think of Kate Spade's super chic guest room.  Blue, black, white, and yellow - a striking color scheme I'd love to recreate at home, either with a gallery wall of gilt wood frames or with a vintage golden throw against my crisp, white Frette linens.


  1. I tottaly agree wit you.
    the best book out there is called "The Well Dressed Home" I'm sure u heard of it. Its talks about all the different styles of fashion and how it relates to your home style.. What and how you dress becomes your personal style on your home.


  2. thanks a lot for sharing. i was searching for something like that.