Friday, February 11, 2011

Aerin Lauder's Devine Bedroom

The first time I was this picture of Aerin Lauder’s East Hampton master bedroom I just about died.  It's been one of my favorite rooms since being published in the December 2007 issue of House & Garden (and later, Elle Decor).  The Gramercy fabric on the walls and the bed is just "devine".  Michael Devine, that is.  If I could replicate this exact room in my home, I would.  It perfectly encompasses my layered, granny-chic aesthetic.  And those linens.  Although I love pattern, when it comes to bedding I tend to gravitate towards crisp, whiteness and no one, in my opinion, can dress a crisp, white bed quite like Leontine Linens.  Oh how I dream of being a Leontine Lady.  Mom, Paul, Birthday Fairy?  If your reading this, two euro shams with an oversized Maxwell monogram would make my 26th year of life a memorable one!  Add in a fur throw and I'd be one smitten kitten!

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