Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Modern-Day Drapers

I'm having a major Dorothy Draper moment.  At last week's Revision Home sale I was so close to purchasing a vintage Draper-designed España Bunching Chest —I had my debit card ready then it's gone!  Sigh.  Since then, It seems like everywhere I look I see reminders of the chest and the famous American 20th century decorator.  And it's no wonder — Dorothy Draper is absolutely one of the most legendary American designers.  She is also the muse for many current designers.  Elements of her design at The Greenbrier Hotel, perhaps the pinnacle of her life's work, can be seen on the pages of almost any current design magazine.  Just this month Ruthie Sommers' Draper-esque pool pavillion graced the pages of House Beautiful.  Notice the signature Dorothy Draper striped walls and large botanical print on the chair.  Miles Redd is also heavily influence by her style.
The room below, designed by Miles and published in NYMag, is Miles meets Dorothy Draper's lovechild and I love it!  It could easily be mistaken for a room at The Greenbrier Hotel.  Note the geometric pattern floor, black paper shades, plant life, bold colors and modern-day floral alternative—ikat!
photo by Thomas Loof for New York Magazine
Want the Draper effect?  New York Magazine breaks down the look with The Elements of Draperism:
1. Intense color
2. Plant life
3. Dense, textured carpet
4. Striking details
5. A roaring fire
6. Exuberant prints
7. Big mirrors
8. Chessboard tiles
9. Statement wallpaper
10. Romantic furniture

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  1. http://dasyallendecoracion.blogspot.comFebruary 23, 2011 at 1:33 PM

    Guau!!! la primera foto es divina, son mis colores...cuando recomiendo a alguien que ponga estos colores en su casa, se cierran y piensan que es para una habitación de niño...ya ves es absolutamente precioso, ya quedó muy atrás eso de que este color es sólo para niños, de hecho tengo un libro que habla del color escrito por un diseñador de interiores que habla con una euforia de que su habitación tiene este color azul...y está maravillado como yó también lo tengo en mi habitación , dá una luz y refleja la luz que eso es lo importante...
    Saludos Maca
    Mayca de España