Monday, February 14, 2011

J'adore Hervé Pierre

With stacks of iconic orange boxes, pretty perfume bottles, plastered angels and a curtain tieback made of a stuffed Balmain glove, the New York home of Carolina Herrera creative director Hervé Pierre has an utterly romantic sensibility I simply adore.  I love his attention to detail, his color palette and the fact that it's slightly cluttered yet still extremely elegant.  Pierre's NeoVersailles apartment feels like Paris in New York - and what's more romantic than Paris on Valentine's Day?
The plaster angel, which came from a Christmas window display at Lanvin in Paris, overlooks the living room.
The curtain tieback is a stuffed, mounted Balmain glove.
An artist's wooden hand model looks great perched near a collection of books about Christian Dior
I wish I had “I’ve worn an Hermès scarf since I was 15! Even in bed.” - Hervé Pierre
Extra-long pink curtains drape into flowy puddles on the floor - how dreamy!
The tea-service porcelain is from the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres (posted about here) and is an exact replica of those made in the eighteenth century. The macarons are from Ladurée.
A bedroom fit for royalty - Pierre’s canopy bed is covered in 92 yards of fabric from Beckenstein, a gift from Carolina Herrera.
I'm in love with the color scheme and brilliant use of scale in the bathroom.  The green of the oversized perfume bottle looks beautiful against the Carrara marble walls.
Images by The Selby


  1. well ! as you wrote !! i am H. Pierre ! thank you so so so much for your comment ! perfect for my Valentine s evening !! i am in pure heaven ! we had our show this morning ! and now i am reading the most divine comment about my flat ! what a day ! thank you !! trully ! you put a big smile on my face ! best .

  2. Dearest Hervé,
    My goodness! You are too kind! I’m so touched you stopped by and took the time to comment. It sounds like you had a very eventful Valentine's Day! The fall show was exquisite–as beautiful and sophisticated as your flat! Best of luck with the spring collection—between you and Carolina I have no doubt it will be divine!

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  4. I kinda just died. Congrats, Kristin!!!!! I blogged about Mr.Pierre too, but yours must've been better as he did not stop by ;)