Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Green is Good

It's official, I have a home (with a dining room)!  On July 1st I'll be leaving my cozy Lincoln Park apartment and moving to River North.  It's a big change but change is good, right?  So now that that's settled, it's time to start making decor decision.  First up, the dining room!  In the 4 years since graduating college I've lived in 3 apartments, all of which have had zero space for a suitable dining room.  I honestly can't tell you how excited I am to set the table every night (a chore I hated as a kid) and eat dinner with my boyfriend.  I've been saving up to for a Saarinen table (my mom calls it a spaceship haha) and I've decided that I absolutely must have colorful Louis XVI-style dining room chairs.  Now the question remains, what color?  I really thought I wanted yellow but these green chairs used in Kelly Wearstler's Vogue photo shoot and Grant K. Gibson's San Francisco Decorator Showcase dining room have me seriously reconsidering. What color would you go with?

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