Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why Don't You?

...upholster a folding screen?  It's a brilliant way to add volume, texture and a pop of color to a space. Coco Chanel is believed to have owned 32 folding screens, which she freely used in ways other than for what they were intended — she dressed her walls with them, like wallpaper, or used them to give structure to her private space.  In my new apartment I want to channel the warmth of this gorgeous coral screen from the J. Crew bridal boutique.  The mix of bright coral and mousy gray contrasting with the stark white is spot on.  Windsor Smith sells a lovely velvet screen in her home collection but if you're a girl on a budget, like me, check out Jenny Komenda's fabulous DIY version over at Little Green Notebook.
Images: Frank Oudeman for J.Crew

1 comment :

  1. They are fun AND fabulous ~ a great way to instantly change the dynamics of a room.

    But I have to say that your top image is drawing me back again and again. Something about the grey and tangerine, maybe, or the brass hanging rail with the mink coloured rug ~ I love it all.