Monday, June 13, 2011

Currently Coveting | Hydrangea

This photograph.  Yesterday my mom sent me a picture of her growing garden and I couldn't help but be reminded of this beautiful overgrown Hydrangea bush captured by artist Derek Henderson.  Hydrangea have always been one of my favorite flowers.  Growing up one whole side of my parent's house was lined with this beautiful bloom - in fact, we had so many I remember my mom sending me to school and friends' houses with bouquets for teachers and parents.  I've been eyeing Derek's Motukakaho Island print (available on 20x200 in a slew of sizes and prices) for quite some time now.  So I ask you dear readers...should I just buy it?

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  1. just discovered your blog & really love it! so much chic decor & design inspiration :) i've been obsessing over fresh flowers too!