Thursday, June 2, 2011

Outdoor Dining

One of my favorite things about Chicago is when warm weather finally returns, the restaurant tables overflow onto the sidewalks and people dine outdoors at all hours of the day.  As a city dweller, it is such a luxury to have my parents live just 30 minutes - I love nothing more that spending a sunny Sunday afternoon in my parent's backyard eating burgers and corn on the cob (I'm a simple girl).  While my parent's backyard is lovely, I can't help but think about the meals I'd eat if this rustic retreat was mine.  Simple, sunny and serene I love the patina of the concrete table paired with worn-in Klismo chairs.  I would say that I’m envious, except that I’m a tried-and-true city girl...maybe one day I'll have a change of heart.
image: grey crawford for elle decor

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  1. I love Chicago. My husband is from Geneva, Illinois, so we visit both places every so often. Here in Newport Beach, we enjoy outdoor living almost all year. It's wonderful. You have a wonderful blog, and if you get a chance, please check out mine. It's new...