Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Sag Harbor Home

It seems I'm quite smitten with Sag Harbor this week. First it was Ruby Beets, then JED, now Steven Gambrel's gorgeous estate.  Last month the designer opened up the one-acre property, located on Upper Sag Harbor cove, for the Parrish Art Museum's annual garden tour.  If I would known sooner I probably would have booked a ticket to NY and shelled out $200 to participate in the "self-guided" tour.  I also would have tried to befriend S.G. and score an invite inside.  A little creepy but I've loved this home since the first time I laid eye on it.  The details are what make it so special, they all have a sense of history.  It honestly makes me think I could ditch city life and move to the country. Dinner parties in the stone barn, picnics on the lawn, antiquing in town...I just can't get enough of this former whaling town. 
Images: S.R. Gambrel

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  1. Comfortable and cozy... Love it. And love your blog! Happy Sunday!