Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hang your Hermès

The home of Japanese interior designer Yasumichi Morita as captured by The Selby has me dying to frame one of my Hermès scarves. All but one of my half dozen or so scarves have been gifted to me over the years by my super stylish and generous aunt.  I love each and every piece in my collection but I think the vivid colors in my Passementerie scarf really complement that color palette of my current decor.  The only problem?  I would love to continue to wear this beautiful work of art – does anyone know how I could frame it in a way that is not so permanent?

(Images via The Selby)


  1. Smitten! And you inspired me to repost...

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I recently had a scarf framed. It is not a fun process. Basically anything temporary or even remotely inexpensive doesn't work too well too long term. The silk droops and shows ripples. I ended up having mine sewn onto a mount board at Artist Frame Service and they did an amazing job, but I am definitely not wearing my scarf again!

  3. Yes! Such are gorgeous display - intense colours and designs that require a room much bigger than mine, unfortunately.

  4. These photos kinda took my breath away. I love all the use of BRIGHT color.