Tuesday, February 14, 2012

At Home with Devin Kirk

Is it just me or do any other Chicagoans feel like our stylish city does not receive it's fair share of press in national design publications?  I can only think of a handful of Chicago homes that have been published in the last few years so I literally jumped for joy when I saw apartment of Devin Kirk, vice president of merchandising at Jayson Home, in the March issue of Elle Decor.  What I love most about this feature is that it's not some stuffy penthouse on Lake Shore Drive -- it's a true example of the vintage buildings that many young professionals are accustomed to calling home.
His living room is filled with items he's picked while shopping for Jayson Home.  It's a collection of new and old, vintage and modern.
Finding a vintage apartment in Chicago with an open floor plan is a rarity.  Most apartments are set up like Devin's, long and narrow with the entry and living room in the front of the space and the kitchen in the back.  Having a choppy floor plan can be annoying when entertaining so I love how Devin created this cozy seating area along one wall of his large kitchen.
The controlled palette of neutrals seen throughout the rest of the house continues into the bedroom.  Instead of fighting the lack of natural light in the small space Devin worked with it.  The mirrored wall reflects light againt the dark gray walls and opens up the space.  The bedroom feels cozy and collected just like the rest of Devin's beautiful home!

(Images via Elle Decor, scanned and edited by me) 


  1. I love his kitchen area. It looks so cozy!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. fabulous! i love it all. i'm a huge fan of jayson home and garden (though i've never actually been IN the store) so very cool to see a peak into the home of the store's vp of merchandising.