Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kathleen Clements Design

I received my May/June issue of Veranda today and I must say I'm in complete awe of this Hollywood Hills home designed by Kathleen Clements.  Have I been living under a rock? How have I never heard of Ms. Clements before?  Her portfolio is breath taking, this home is breath taking.  The crisp white walls, high gloss floors and black lacquered doors provide a gallery-like backdrop and completely transform the look and feel of the traditional furnishings.  The primitive bench at the end of the bed looks modern against the animal print rug.  Oh the power of white walls. Kathleen used to be an antiques buyer and curator for Ralph Lauren, so obviously she knows a thing or two about how to create that sophisticate-easy-chic-cool look.  This is exactly the kind of home I had in mind when I was pulling items for my Farmers' Market Chic wish list feature in Matchbook...timeless.

(Images via Kathleen Clements)


  1. wow! Very pretty! I admit, it's a little too stark and minimalist for my own personal taste, but it's fun to look at something different for a change!


  2. So effortlessly chic- ADORE that first shot!