Monday, June 25, 2012

Loving Law

Oh the fantastic female forms created by British artist Natasha Law. I've admired Law's work for quite some time and last week, to my delight, I got the chance to see her work in person.  I was walking down Madison Avenue when I spotted one of Law's elegantly minimal yet emotionally charged portraits hanging in the new Milly boutique.  Since then, I've honestly not been able to stop thinking about just how much I need one.  The photographs and descriptions of Law's works do not do them justice.  Executed on sheets of aluminum, it's the shiny, thick, and almost liquid-like surface that makes these simplified forms so interesting.  I was honestly tempted to grab the Pink Jacket on Yellow painting off the wall at Milly and make a run for it.  I didn't, obviously, but I did add owning one of her paintings to my ultimate wish list.  Take a peek at more of Natasha's work over at Voltz Clarke and Eleven gallery and let me know if you're loving Law just as much as I am!

(Images 1-4 Natasha Law / 5 Christina Murphy / 6-7 Voltz Clarke / 8 Sara Gilbane)

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  1. I have been lusting after these for what feels like the longest time! Hopefully one day I can hang one proudly!