Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New York | ABC Home

I really tried to edit my NYC pictures down to a single post but it just wasn't possible. By now most of you are probably sick of hearing about my trip but I'm guessing there are a few out there that want to take a little looksy inside some of my favorite shops. 

Today's installment of pictures were taken at New York design mecca, ABC Home. I could have spent hours searching through the six floors of heavenly goods but since Paul was with me I had to power shop. See Paul pictured above, doesn't he look thrilled?  What a good bf he is.  But back to the goods.  The ABC Home annual summer sale started the day I arrived.  Twenty percent off almost everything can really get a girls heart going.  For a second I felt the urge to deplete my saving and purchase the entire pile of Madeline Weinrib rugs pictured above but luckily I had enough self control (aka Paul) to say no and walk away.  I ended up leaving the store empty handed but I did find a perfectly peach lacquered sideboard.  So I must ask, have you been to ABC and if so, what did you purchase?

(Images by KK for Simply Smitten)


  1. This is one of my favorite places in NY - We bought our throws + pillows there!

  2. LOVE.THAT.STORE!!! Paul looks as happy to be there as my husband was! haha Great pics! Thanks for sharing! xoxoxx

  3. Looks like such a fun place to shop for home decor. I would spend hours there pouring through all the cute things they have there!

  4. I like the black and white pillows. They remind me of black and white cats.