Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Client Work

Not much to report from the weekend, so instead of sharing the two pictures I took I thought I would give you a glimpse at one of my current project.  I've been obsessed with this image of Giovanna Battaglia ever since I saw it on The Photodiarist last fall.  I mean, hello ridiculously awesome gem-encrusted tailored shirt and glorious yellow pants!  So when my fashion-loving client said she loved yellow I knew I had to use this outfit as inspiration for her family room.  What do you think? I'm hoping they invite me over for movie night and cocktails!

If you'd like help designing your dream home feel free to email me at kkerrdesign@gmail.com!  I'd love to work with you!  


  1. Perfect inspiration. I am totally digging those ottomans. xo

  2. That shirt is amazing! Good luck with the project :) It looks really good!