Thursday, August 2, 2012

Life | Risk Aversion

Happy New Year!  Ok, I know it's not January first but in my mind August will always represent the beginning of a new year.  Resolutions are usually associated with a new year so it's funny that the events that happened in the last week in July left me questioning my future. This past year has been a difficult boyfriend of 9 years moved to DC in October, I graduated from interior design school and started my own business...all of this while continuing to work full-time as a financial analyst.   I've spread myself thin for fear of making the wrong choice. 

You see, when I graduated from school I interviewed for several interior design internships where they basically wanted me to work for free for 6 months and at the end of that there would be no guarantee that I would be offered a full-time position.  Seriously?  I have a B.S. in Finance, 5 years work experience and an A.A.S in Interior Design and you want me to work for free? I know that the experience is invaluable but I'm 27, my parents do not/will not financially support me and I have rent and bills to pay!  So how do you step away from a full-time job that pays extremely well, matches your 401k and has amazing benefit? I still don't know.

So when Sara posted this quote on Instagram a few weeks ago it immediately struck a chord with me and got me thinking.  Over the past year I have been my own worst enemy.  I have held myself back from experiencing amazing opportunities because I'm a perfectionist.  Several major websites have asked to feature my apartment but for some odd reason I continually put it off because I fear it won't be good enough.  Ah, seriously Kristin, wtf.  I know if I had the time I could do great things and grow my business but I'm risk averse (catch that finance lingo?) and fear not knowing the future.

I'm telling you this because I constantly receive emails from people asking for career advice and telling me that they're inspired by my story (read my About section).  I don't feel qualified to give advice but I hope that by sharing my story and struggles in this new year I can continue to carve my own path because, honestly, I need to stop waiting and start doing!


  1. I don't remember when I stumbled upon your blog but I eventually recognized you from when we worked at the same consulting firm (many years ago) in Chicago. I am so impressed with where your career has taken you and am constantly revisiting your blog for ideas. Just wanted to let you know that I think you are amazingly talented and am a tiny bit jealous you got out of the finance industry to follow your dreams.

  2. "....I need to stop waiting and start doing."

    I totally understand you. I too am a perfectionist and sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. There are so many things, well mainly two, that i've really wanted to do for a while but the fear of failing keep me from moving. Slowly, I'm trying to push myself out of that comfort zone and to go for it.

    I'll continue to follow along to see how your path progresses - one small step at a time!

  3. Kristin you are so incredibly talented. Anytime you decide to take the leap and leave finance for interior design full time I know you are going to be crazy successful. You have exciting things ahead. xo

  4. go do your thing girl...your blog is smashing and loving your style...

  5. I had to respond to this. I am in a similar situation. Have a Masters in Public Health and doing a career change. I have had a few internships (unpaid) and just finished up a period of working part time for very little money at a design firm. They offered me a full time position for so little money it isn't even worth saying. Not even enough to live on and they wanted me full time plus night and weekend availability. In the end, I just couldn't swing it. I think there's a fine line between living your dreams and valuing your work. You are super talented and I personally think you could definitely get a paying job at this point. As far as publishing your house, um, DO IT! That is an amazing opportunity and will probably pay you back in spades. Good luck to you! Just keep doing what you're doing!