Friday, August 17, 2012

My Home | Bedroom Inspiration

I've made it my weekend mission to in incorporate a little yellow into my home.  On Wednesday I mentioned the possibility of yellow curtains in my living room but after mulling it over I decided against it.  So, on the the only other room in my tiny apartment...the bedroom!  I haven't been able to stop thinking about the color palette in this Samantha Tod Hunter designed bedroom since I posted it a few weeks back.  I have always been drawn to lighter colors in the bedroom and the textures, materials and style of Hunter's room is very similar to what I already have going on.

With that said, I'm determined to spend my plan-free weekend cleaning and sprucing up my place.  From the items pictured above I already own the chair, lamp, mirror, grey linen bedding and dresser.  Now I just need to (finally) buy a headboard, make some curry yellow curtains, purchase those insanely gorgeous pink linen towels for my bathroom and attempt to replicate this killer Ross Bleckner painting. I've got two days and not a lot on money...wish me luck!

What are you weekend plans? 

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  1. I LOOOOVE your board. All of your picks are such great finds! That light fixture is amazing and I love the color of your "curtains". xoxo

  2. I'm working on redecorating my bedroom as well...I have most of the essential pieces but it still needs some sprucing up. I am in love with that dresser! Good luck this weekend :)

    go for the glam 

  3. I love the yellow touch. Inspires me a lot!