Monday, August 6, 2012

The World of Aerin

Last week I received an email inviting me to check out the chic existence that is the "World of Aerin".  One click and I was hooked.  Inspired by her grandmother and role model, Estée, Aerin Lauder's new site provides everything from advice on simple, chic entertaining to shopping and family musings.  In each entry Aerin comes across as modest, thoughtful, family oriented, and effortlessly cool.  Her entries are so personal and genuine you'll feel like you're reading an email from a good (very chic) friend.  I cannot wait for the launch of her brand Aerin--she will unveil small decorative objects, like this sea urchin, for the holiday season, a home line in the spring, and soon thereafter, jewelry and other accessories--but in the meantime, I’ll be heading back to for my daily dose of chic!


  1. I have been an admirer of Aerin Lauder's style for a long time - she is consistently chic, timeless and incredibly stylish, whether at work or at night time soirees. For me, she epitomizes the look and grace of the modern American woman. I've read that she has launched her new site, and can't wait to visit it!


  2. Must check this out. Love everything! If only my desk at work looked so pretty!

  3. Love everything about these photographs! Can't wait to go and look at it!

    Brighton Keller

  4. I saw that mirrored brass/glass case and almost stroked out. Love, love, love her style.