Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Smitten | Galraith and Paul

Lotus Wallpaper, Amber Interiors
There are a lot of things that I get excited about: shoes, furniture, and fabric most certainly falls on that list, which is why I'm talking about it two posts in a row! Yesterday I mentioned my love of John Robshaw textiles and today I wanted to share another outstanding American textile source, Galbraith & Paul. Founders Liz Galbraith and Ephraim Paul's Philadelphia studio create hand block-printed textiles, handmade rugs, studio printed wallpaper, and lighting.  They have built a business based on craftsmanship, quality, and creativity. G&P recently released new sets of fabric and wallpaper patterns so I made sure to stop by Holland and Sherry (the Chicago showroom that reps the line) to check the insanely beautiful creations during my visit last Friday.

In talking to the showroom rep I learned that all of the fabrics and wallpapers are made to order.  Like the Robshaw prints, the pictures do not go these textiles justice.  Many of the patterns have almost a 3D effect because the artisans use multiple colors and shades to give the prints depth and character.  Having just learned the basics of block printing (using only one color and trying to keep the edges clean) I'm in complete awe of the artisans that work at G&P.

So what are your thoughts on Galbraith & Paul's creations? To me, their style is really versatile and could be used in a casual or formal setting. Besides loving their patterns and colors, I also appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind all of their products. That's pretty hard to come by these days!

I'm planning on placing an order soon so if you want a few yards or a pillow feel free to email me at!

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