Friday, March 15, 2013

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Client's vintage Master Craft mirror
My new headboard and fur pillow!

Wow, what a week!  I was so busy running around town that I had zero time to blog.  Well that's a lie, I did have some free time but that was spent catching up on emails, hanging out with friends, going to yoga (I'm officially obsessed) and watching both seasons of Homeland in less than a week!  Am I the only one that thinks Brody is a babe?  

Anywho, pictured above are some of the lovely things I came across this week; a vintage brass Master Craft mirror hung in a client's entry, my new tufted headboard and vintage fur pillow, lots of vintage goodies at Old Plank including a French brass table with pyramid fasteners by Broncz, a fabulous black suede and brass 1960s French buffet,  a gorgeous studded trestle table that I would give my left arm for, and an ebonized vintage French Louis VXI table.  While I may not be able to afford any of these pieces they will definitely serve as inspiration for future projects.  Inspiration is everywhere so keep your eyes peeled this weekend!  See you Monday.

images by kristin kerr luber


  1. Clicked through when I saw the mirror. Came across it's twin at an Antique Mall and was running late so didn't purchase it. Came back the next day and the vendor had moved out of the mall. Still kicking myself, and seeing this gorgeous first image makes it hurt a little more....

  2. HOly moly where are you finding these magical pieces!?! You have such a good eye. I am dying over that studded trestle table! xo