Monday, April 22, 2013

Design Hunter | Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques Fair

Vintage swimsuits
A vintage table very similar to one I recently purchased for my apartment.
I Married Adventure - everyone's favorite vintage book.
I have a thing for fur pillows.
A pair of Fornasetti chairs
Malachite stool and brass and lucite lamp.
I'm on a mission to find something similar for my kitchen - I plan to mount it on linen and display in a lucite box frame.
Porcupine quills mounted in lucite.
Hello!  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  My mom and I went to the Botanic Garden Antiques Fair over the weekend and although I didn't purchase anything, I did find a ton of lovely pieces and loads of inspiration.  Some of my favorite items included a Fornasetti chair, porcupine quills mounted in a lucite block, a stunning malachite fabric bench and metal knife template that would look awesome framed in a lucite box and hung in a kitchen.

The International Antiques Fair at the Merchandise Mart opens this Friday so if you happen to be in town I suggest stopping by.  There is a keynote presentation by Charlotte Moss on Friday and a Young Collectors' presentation by Leslie Hindman on Saturday.  I plan to stop by the show on Friday so if you'll be there let me know!  Happy Monday!

images by kristin kerr luber


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