Friday, August 6, 2010

Inspired By | Eric Cohler

Three years, two apartments and five roommates later I've decided it's time to get my own place! While I'll miss having roommates (and splitting the bills) I get giddy with excitement when I think about the endless decorating opportunities to come. While searching for apartments on Craigslist this morning I bopped over to New York Social Diary hoping to find some small space inspiration. Well, as luck would have it they just posted this amazing feature on Elle Decor's A-List designer, Eric Cohler.

"A self described Bedouin, Cohler reinvents himself and his surroundings by moving every couple of years. His latest project (his 20th apartment post college) is a Beekman area, 1980’s rental that is chock-full of art and sculpture, a rare constant in his life."

Eventually I would like to own a place but until that day comes I am going to look at renting as an opportunity to reinvent myself and my surroundings. What are your thoughts on living alone and renting?

Looking into the living room, the orange sofa pops against the neutral surroundings.
Eric expanded ‘wall’ space for his art collection by hanging the pieces upon the apartment windows.
A Louis Vuitton suitcase is displayed below an oversized photograph of Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra by Harry Benson .
A 19th century equestrian scene hangs near an oversized abstract painting found at Christie’s.
The former dining room was converted into a cozy seating area filled with books. I love how the TV seems to disappear into the bookcase.
A pair of painted Louis XVI chairs flank a small table by Eero Saarinen.
The second bedroom now functions as a den.  The small olive green velvet sofa is topped with pillows from Scalamandre.
I love the Alex Katz painting over the Cohler designed bed. The chair was recycled from the living room of his old apartment.
The custom carpet is from Royalton Carpets.
I wonder is Eric needs a roommate?  I wouldn't mind sleeping on that plush velvet sofa in the den!

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