Friday, January 14, 2011

A Pop of Color

If there was ever a collection of dresses that I wanted immediately, this would be the one. The Max Mara Elegante Spring 2011 ad campaign features the gorgeous Siri Tollerø donning the label’s soft, feminine and airy ensembles done in the perfect shades of pink, green and yellow.  Adding any one of these lovely hues to your home would surely rid it of the winter blues. I can only image how happy I would be if I woke every morning in the bedroom pictured above.  I'm loving the pop of the yellow headboard in this otherwise restrained room.  One of my current obsessions includes dark, cozy dens - the perfect winter escape.  So I'm loving this David Hicks designed room...the mood, the art, the color....pure perfection...
There is something about this femine frock (I love the bow!) that reminds me of this gorgeous bedroom by Artist Julian Schnabel.  How pretty are those curtains?  I love how the fuschia walls make the intense greens of Picasso's Femme au Chapeau look even more vibrant.

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