Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Reason I Like the Internet

Because while snooping around NYSD I stumbled upon Jennifer Post's gorgeous yellow aquatint by Robert Mangold.  I had never heard of the artist, but it was love at first sight!  So naturally I wanted to find out more. One quick google search later, I learned a little bit about his work...
"Robert Mangold was born in 1937 in upstate New York and received his MFA from Yale in 1963. His work investigates compositional relationships within each image, and the relationship between the image and its ground. In his prints, Mangold sets up opposing relationships between geometrical shapes and lines positioned against muted backgrounds."
Four Figures, 1998 Robert Mangold
....and I found these beauties.  They're modern and simple and the muted palette of soft grays, burnt orange and peach is pretty much the exact palette I plan to use for my new apartment.  I contacted the gallery hoping they'd be in my budget but unfortunately, as with most things I like, they carry a hefty price tag.  So instead of blowing my budget, I'll let the four figures above serve as inspiration to me for my very own DIY art project.  I promise to be back with updates on all the fun!

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