Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Currently Coveting

The Pita Fibre stool.  Isn't it striking?  I first spotted it in Met Home, then in Jeffrey Alan Mark's kitchen (pictured above), then yesterday on the lovely blog Design Manifest - I swear it was taunting me.  After yesterday's sighting I had enough and mustered up the courage to email Traci Alleman of Atelier ATA to ask where she purchase the stool (above right).  Within minutes Traci kindly responded telling me my coveted stool is available at Lars Bolander in NYC.  I couldn't find it on the Lars' site so I called the shop this morning and left a message. If all goes well, three of these stools, made from South American macawood and pita fiber, will be adding warmth and texture to my new kitchen! Yippee!

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