Wednesday, July 27, 2011

White Out

To paint or not to paint, that is the question and currently my new home dilemma.  I moved into my apartment almost a month ago and I'm starting to think I could live there until I'm ready to buy a place. When I signed the lease one of the first questions I asked was if I was allowed to paint the current white walls (seen here). The owner said yes, as long as I repaint them white when I move out....what a hassle, right? Who wants to live with white walls...Not I! Or so I thought until I saw this gorgeous home designed by Ted Tuttle.
He used Benjamin Moore’s Super White on all the walls and trim and it looks incredible. This particular shade of white, he believes, has a lot of depth and is “still as rich at night as it is in the morning.” So what's a girl to do? Do I keep the white walls and add depth and interest with things I can take with me when I move or paint and have it repainted when I move out? That whole temporary 'I'm-not-going-to-change-a-thing-for-the-next-three-years' thing drives me nuts but so does the thought of having to pay someone to paint twice. What do you think? I'm torn!
Photographs by John Granen for Elle Decor July 2011


  1. I personally love white walls and find them refreshing. My own kitchen has bright green walls (courtesy of the former owners) and I'm looking forward to painting them a nice, cool white.

  2. Stay white!!!! I just paid to have all of my walls painted super white and I love!!!!! Check out how Darryl Carter uses high contrasting pieces against white walls. Best. Plus.... The energy in a white room feels so darn good!

  3. Yes, stick with white. My rental has off-white walls that drive me insane. I'd love to repaint them white!
    I think the key with white walls (especially seen here) is to add lots of contrast with color (black) and with texture (rough wood, guilded items, etc.)
    These are pretty stunning rooms!

  4. I love light beige for living rooms ,it gives the room warmness ,but white is good too :)

  5. I can speak from experience that the last thing you'll want to do when moving out is paint. Just let the walls be a constraint that will force you to be more creative in other ways. I do love all white though. It's very calming and energetic at the same time.