Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Doughnut Vault

Located through a little parrot blue door, just down the street from my new River North apartment, lies the chicest little doughnut shop one could ever imagine.  The interior is tiny, no more than a handful of people can fit inside at a time, and clad with creamy washed brick, white subway tile with black grout, gold mirrors with hand-painted lettering, a stunning crystal chandelier and the most beautiful antique register.  Visiting The Doughnut Vault was at the top of my summer to do list and thanks to a little determination (waking up at an ungodly hour), I can now say, mission accomplished!  If you live in Chicago a visit to this quaint little shop is a must...the doughnuts are as delectable as the interior!   
An hour later...
8 doughnuts for 2 people :)
The actual paint color used at The Doughnut Vault is Pantone: HEX: #6EB7E4.  Visit The Doughnut Vault's Tumblr for more information.
Photographs taken by Kristin Kerr for Simply Smitten


  1. STOP IT. Just stop it. I am so jealous of this I can't even... OMG. I didn't even know places like this existed in the donut world. So happy you shared these - now I have another reason to visit Chicago soon (as if my seeing my friends weren't enough of a draw already, this really sealed the deal)!
    P.S. - I like your photog skillz. Need to pull my camera out for a spin this week!

  2. Now I HAVE to go!!! We need to set a date -- Doughnut Vault and tour of the new place!

  3. Damn i love donuts!!! this is such a fun post:)