Friday, September 9, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

I know, mirrored walls often get a bad rap but their reflective surface instantly opens up a room adding a touch of glamour. I especially like the way smaller antiqued square mirrors look when hung in a grid. The smoky mirrored wall in Todd Romano's old apartment above is one of my all-time favorites! The tiles provide an enchanting background and help define this seating area as separate from the rest of his living room.
Antiqued mirror tiles anchor this chic vignette and create the illusion of another room behind the table. Just look at the way those red chairs pop against the wall. Love it!
This weekend I might just channel Versailles!  With a pack of Ikea tiles, a few decorative pewter stars and this genius tutorial I'll have my very own "hall of mirror" in no time!  What's your plan for the weekend?

(Images via Elle Decor and Nuevo Estilo)

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