Monday, December 12, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

I played around with this gorgeous gold and silver china I inherited from my great aunt (the same aunt that gave me this velvet chair) and tried to perfect this year's Christmas table setting.  I also did lots of Christmas shopping...   
My first stop was Jayson Home and Garden where I found these amazing agate cheese plates.
Next up, Hermès. Despite wanting every home accessory in the store, including these ashtrays, I managed to make only one small purchase for a special someone.
I stopped in the new Tory Burch boutique on Oak Street just to check out the décor.  Fabulous as usual.  Architect Daniel Romualdez incorporated elements of Tory's own home into the store -- jute rugs, pleated lampshades, rich velvet curtains -- so the apartment envy that you're inevitably going to feel if you visit is totally legit.
I did a double take when I walked past this Barneys window display.  I love the simplicity.  It's festive without looking like Santa's elves attacked it.
And after all that shopping I spent my Sunday night wrapping gifts.

How was your weekend?  Did you finish your holiday shopping?


  1. Obsessed with your table setting, so chic!! And so impressed with your self control at Hermes!

  2. I absolutely adore your table setting -- it is so elegant! Sounds like you had a busy, fun and productive weekend. :)

  3. The table setting is beautiful!!! Hermes and holiday shopping is a recipe for trouble. So glad you were able to control yourself - I don't think I'd be able to!!

  4. Gosh, these pictures are beautiful! You've got such great, warm light in them.

  5. love the table setting - the candles, the mint julep holding the flowers! and gorgeous wrapping paper too! Wish the rolls I just picked up from target looked like that!

  6. Gorgeous weekend! Need to stop by Jayson Home to pick up a few goodies myself! xo