Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fashion + Furniture

OPTION 1:  Keep It.  I'm not sure what you'd call this color but according to Chloé it's "sunflower- yellow" the color but not sure how I feel about the crushed velvet.

I inherited a pair of these chairs from my Great Aunt and have been contemplating reupholster them.  At first I didn't really like the color but now, after 2 years of living with them, it's really starting to grow on me.  Most of the furniture in my apartment is neutral - light grey linen sofa, jute rug, carrara marble tulip table, chocolate brown leather ottoman - so these chairs add a nice dose of color to the space.  I 've decided to keep the walls of my apartment white (thanks to your great comments!) so now I need to focus in on a design scheme and color palette.  For that I turn to fashion.... 081711_Aunt-Rita's-Chair4 OPTION 2: Go (charcoal) Grey.  This look from the J. Crew Fall 2011 lookbook pretty much sums up my style.  A classic blue tailored oxford, a textured coat and an amazing chocolate brown leather bag (the same color as my ottoman).  I like this option BUT it might be too safe.
OPTION 3: Go Green!  A bold choice but I love it.  To break it down, white shirt = white walls, green skirt = green velvet chair, black shoe straps = black get where I'm going? 

So now I ask you, dear readers, which look do you prefer?  Any input would be greatly appreciated!


  1. oh, my, don't.
    it's soooooo beautiful.
    i think velvet has a comback as fas as sofas and chairs are concerned... well, that's what i think, at least, but i'm no trend-forcaster.
    so i don't know but i love it this way... if you'd reupholster them in a differenet fabric, they would lose this suface business that i find especially beautiful... you might somehow experiment with simultanious contrast... add a purple throw, or i dont know.

    i gotta say tho, that i like that green too... :P

    agnes / iiiinspired

  2. Black/white/green is elegant and fabulous! Although not sure what that would look like with the chocolate couch. Either way, seems like you could add a patterned pillow or throw with the same greys/browns to pull in the rest of the room... ? Or... what about redoing the chair in a fun pattern? Sounds like the rest of the room is all solids?

  3. Kristin - what do you think of this?


    Seems very similiar to the color palette that's present in your new apt. I love the way the yellow chairs add a pop of color in the above pic. So - my vote is not to reupholster! The chairs also have sentimental value being that they're from your Great Aunt :)

  4. Oh please keep the gold crushed velvet - it's GORGEOUS and like Agnes, I have a feeling with so much velvet in interiors that crushed is ready for a resurgence soon.

    As soon as I saw the chairs I gasped a little and reading that you OWN these... sigh.

    Of course, you appear to have impeccable taste so I'm sure whatever you do will look fabulous but I thought I'd weigh in! ;)