Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

I ventured to one of my favorite Chicago stores for a second time in less than week.
(I sense an addiction coming on...this could become a problem)
Every time I visit I find something to add to my collection. 
The owner has such a great eye for finding unique treasures...like the carved wooden chain pictured above.
I never leave the store empty handed.
I stopped in Anthropologie to return an unnecessary purchase I made last weekend and ended up walking out with Deborah Needleman's new book, The Perfectly Imperfect Home.
Is anyone else as obsessed with Deborah and I am? 
I did a little DIY because this year I was determined - DETERMINED, I tell you! - to have linen herringbone napkins for this year's Christmas tabletop.  The only ones I could find were these Sferra ones at $520 (I need 12) and I just couldn't justify paying that much for an item whose sole purpose is to wipe ones hands + mouth.  
So I took matters into my own hands, bought 2 yards of this Hannah Linen from Fishman's Fabrics ($60 total), found this simple tutorial + spent my Sunday afternoon parked in front of my sewing machine.  I'm thrilled with how they turned out!  There's really nothing I like more than saving money...$460 in this case! 
Now on to a new week, with new projects + new adventures.  The countdown to Christmas is on + I can't wait!  Only 2 more days of work then I'm off until January!  Woohoo!

What do you have planned for the week?


  1. Oooo, that store looks amazing. I will need to check it out next time I am in Chicago.

  2. This store looks so beautiful! I will add this to my Chicago must-see list when I visit in the spring!

  3. So much to comment on! First, that store looks amazing! Where is it?? Second, I just got Deborah's book too and I love it! Isn't it so fantastic? And third, amazing job on those napkins!! Seriously impressed.

  4. So impressed with your napkin making skills! And PS what store is that? And why don't I know about it??

  5. I love Debra's new book as well. I'm curious as which store you are getting "addicted" to. Would you mind letting us know?

  6. That book looks great! I'll have to pick it up as a last-minute christmas gift for my sister....

    XX kathryn

  7. That store looks awesome! What's the name of it? xoxo

  8. this is why i love your blog!