Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Smitten | Baby Russia

I’m having a severe case of style envy over these chic ensembles put together by Baby Russia. I feel like this girl is my style soul mate. Every outfit she shares on her tumblr blog is perfection.  I love the simplicity - note the lack of pattern - and how she uses mostly solid colored pieces with lots of texture then throws in an occasional animal print or stripe. There are lots of basics that can be mixed and matched to create numerous outfit changes. 

Obviously, you can take these outfits as literal fashion inspiration but I also see paint colors, ideas for upholstery, pillows, draperies, rugs, + more. You could scheme an entire house in these hues.  So what do you think?  Are you smitten?

Check out the rest of Baby Russia's Polyvore sets here


  1. baby russia - what an incredible blog name! i'm a solid color with a few patterns girl myself so these outfits totally speak my language, too!
    Happy Holidays, doll!!!!

  2. Totally smitten! I need to learn how to make sets on Polyvore stat.

  3. Thank you for the suggestion- just started following her now!

    XX Kathryn

  4. Such amazing outfits! I especially love the third one. :) Thanks for sharing!


  5. Love the outfits and LOVE your blog!

  6. Love these bits of style inspiration!-Jessica