Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Art | A Framed Flashcard

Ever since I gave my Dad a framed letter from his nursery school teacher (btw I won the Artists Frame Service's Tell Us Your Story contest...woohoo! That's my dad, aka Jay Leno, in the jean-on-jean!)  I've been obsessed with the whole frame random things thing.  So when I saw this framed vintage flashcard on Christina Fluegge's One Kings Lane sale I immediately called my mom to see if she still had my flashcards from back in the day.  I'm 26, so I'm thinking my flashcards could technically be considered vintage, right?  My Mom is still looking but if she finds them you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be hanging them in my apartment. Word.


  1. I've totally ordered vintage flashcards off Etsy and framed them around our house. I used them to make up numbers that were meaningful to us! Such a fun little project and not expensive at all.

  2. I love this idea too. I have an antique autograph book and I am going to frame a few of the pages.