Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lush Leaves

Truth be told, I have a bit of a design crush on LA-based designer Peter Dunham. The designer's enviable background – he grew up in England, France and Spain and worked for design legend David Hicks – led him to design an enviable, fresh feeling textile collection. So it's days like today, when the sun is hiding and the sky is gray, that I wish I had just the smallest piece of Dunham's "Fig Leaf" fabric in my home. Lord knows I have a brown thumb and kill just about every plant I touch (this topiary included), so I think this textile could be my happy alternative for lush leaves.

Dunham says that this print was inspired by a similar fabric he saw as a child in his neighbor, Spanish surrealist painter, Salvador Dali's home. It has such a summery, fresh, classic look and since plant life is practically a neutral this print works perfectly in just about any eclectic, evolved interior.

(Images 1 /2 Diane Bergeron / 3-7 Peter Dunham / 8 Ruthie Sommers)


  1. I never realized that leaves could make a room so beautiful! Great post, I love these rooms. :)


  2. i quite like your current producing ,it's so understandale ,enjoyable as well as simple to read .. thx .

  3. I really like the dark blue for the sofas. I also like how the one chair matches all the green plants in the room.