Monday, March 26, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

 It was a weekend of great finds....I found time to finish this painting for my sister
 I found out that I actually do like some things at CB2
 I found these cute vintage lucite side tables at Jayson
 I found the perfect heel
 and the perfect chair for a client
 I found out that I'm obsessed with this Moroccan Weave fabric by Kathryn Ireland and that I want to use it in every project...
 I found this Ikat clutch in the back of my closet (don't you love when that happens?) and wore it to a friend's Birthday dinner at Lan's
 where I found out that I should not be allowed to sing in public...
 but that Chinese food and karaoke make for a fun Saturday night
and last but certainly not least, I found out that I'm obsessed with Downton Abbey.  Anyone else?

How was your weekend?


  1. I started Downtown Abbey this weekend. Absolutely OBSESSED. Already finished season 1. Cannot wait to start season 2.

  2. I love your blog :)

  3. beautiful painting! and I LOOOVE those heels. they ARE perfect. Happy Monday!

    -Caitlin @ Reverie to Reality

  4. Also OBSESSED with Downtown Abbey!!! I'm only on the fourth episode, but can't wait to watch more!

  5. I love that fabric and that painting! Amazing!

  6. Those shoes are fantastic! Where are they from? You will LOVE the rest of Downton Abbey. I'm all caught up, and trust, it does not disappoint!