Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Leopard People

In the fall of 2010 The New York Times released a series of images from their 100+ year old archive. To celebrate the occasion they asked interior designers Laura Kirar, Kelly Wearstler, Vicente Wolf, Jonathan Adler and Thom Filicia to each selection of 10 photos from the archive that best reflected their design aesthetic and appreciation for the use of photography in interiors. The collection, called 50 Photographs, was available for purchase at The New York Times Store.  

So where am I going with this?  Well the entire collection was great but my hands-down favorite was one of Adler's selections: "Leopard People, 1966" by Larry C. Morris (first image). It's hilarious, glam, and bizarre all at the same time and it kind of makes me want to makes me want to dress up in head to toe leopard!  The moment I saw it I knew I needed it BUT I decided to wait.  What a mistake.  The collection is no longer available and I just can't seem to get this quirky snapshot out of my mind.  I'm trying to decide if the second image pictured above is a worthy alternative or if I should just hold out and hope that my beloved Leopard People will reappear on the NYT Store website sometime soon.  Thoughts?

Better yet,  if someone could find me a copy I'd love them forever! ;)


  1. i hate when i wait on things and then they're gone. i really hope you can find it!

  2. Sorry they sold out. That's always the worst when you finally make up your mind and it's too late. Personally I favor the second one. I love that there's a lion tamer with a whip! But don't give up on your first choice just yet! You may just find it!


  3. thank you for discussing. i used to be seeking something of that nature.