Monday, October 15, 2012

Design Hunter | CS Interiors Anniversary Home (Part II)

One of my favorite features in the home were these stunning petrified wood counters!
Master Bedroom by Tracy Hickman
A stunning nail head-trimmed box hides the TV--this is one idea I plan to use in the future! I just love how Hickman hung a painting directly over the piece.
Den and Guest Bathroom by James E. Rudd
Dining Room by Jessica LaGrange
Well happy Monday dear readers!  Did any of you have a chance to check out the CS Interiors Anniversary Home over the weekend?  Since the home is now closed to the public I thought I would share the rest of the pictures I snapped during my visit last week. I personally think I saved the best for last:

The kitchen, designed by Julia Buckingham Edelmann, featured the most beautiful petrified wood counters, chevron backsplash, and leather inset cabinet doors.  I feel like most designers shy away from using color in the kitchen so I just love how Julia incorporated bright splashes of orange, blue and green throughout the space.

The master bedroom, designed by Tracy Hickman, was an explosion of texture. The walls of the dark and sophisticated space were covered in overlapping black burlap and a linen covered cabinet was made to hide the TV. The rope-covered bedside tables, and woven, almost net-like curtains added another layer of texture. Flameless candles added a warm romanticism to the room.

The den, design by James E. Rudd, and the dining room, designed by Jessica LaGrange,  both nicely reflected the vision behind the inspiration couple’s company, Vosges Chocolates.  The accents and accessories in LaGrange's added a lot of interest and looked as is they could have been picked up on one of the couple's research trips to Paris.  Rudd did a beautiful job of incorporating the rich colors incorporated in company's packaging.

(images by kristin kerr for simply smitten)


  1. obsessed with the details in these rooms!

    xoxo Shauna

  2. Definitely looking good. I'm certainly fascinated with your ideas when it comes to interior designing, as I am a huge fan of the craft. So, thank you for the post.